Your needs on your doorstep

In a perfect world, it should be pretty easy to get your hands on the components you need. After all, you know what you want, how you want them and at what cost. You also want them right here, right now.

In reality, finding “the” perfect supplier is often challenging; How many have a network of local sales embedded in the market, across Asia, America and Europe?You will also need a partner who meets all your quality and production standards, such as TS16964.Wouldn’t it be great to have a caring partner who will manage your full supply chain, regardless as to where you are?

Welcome to our house, and the “Union” culture, where we tick all the boxes above.
Founded in 2001, Union supplies the global market with custom products such as Grates, Hinges, Handles, Door Seals and small appliance parts, among others. Our R&D ability means that we can respond to all types of requirements.With a global presence and a friendly project management team in Taiwan, we are quite possibly the people who can make all of the above happen. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask our clients. We have done it before, repeatedly.Whirlpool, Honeywell, Electrolux...

We have been providing solutions and managing quality with a smile to the very best, all across the world. This is not a perfect world. But we do make it better.

  • Cooperation

    We share with our clients in order to achieve better mutual results.

  • Integration

    We offer complete Supply Chain Solutions with dedicated local experts.

  • Speed

    Our response to customer needs is well with in standards of expectation.

  • Awards

    We are regularly recognized and awarded by our clients for our outstanding performance.

  • Professionalism

    Our team of professionals have been in this industry for many years. In addition, our reps are multilingual and capable of communicating clearly at a local level.

  • Globalization

    Our network spans the globe, from local in-country support to worldwide manufacturing bases. We bring solutions to your doorstep, wherever you are.


The quality of our service has been approved by many of our clients, including some of the major global brands in the industry; a testament to our drive to provide the best.





LG #1 Outstanding Partner Awards

Partners Progress Awards

LG Electronics Number 1 Outstanding Partner

In recognition outstanding performance and commutment LG Electronics 2013 LG Electronics Procurement Center Presented to UNION INDUSTRY(ASIA)CO.,LTD July.1.2014

Whirlpool Partner In-Progress Awards

To become a reliable international partner offering localized service, R&D, quality control, manufacturing management and financial support, integrated manufacturing resources and outstanding comprehensive customer service.

photo with Stefano Balzardi on WHP Supplier Day meeting